Si tu organización tiene interés en apoyar los objetivos del proyecto ALL-IN, puedes colaborar rellenando este formulario. Tu organización ganará más visibilidad a nivel europeo, podrá recibir los resultados de manera anticipada y proporcionarnos comentarios. Convertirse en asociado es totalmente gratuito y no tiene ninguna obligación.

Nuestra comunidad

Internet Web Solutions

Internet Web Solutions (IWS) is a leading provider of information technology (IT) and engineering services based in Málaga, Spain. IWS is specialized in domains like professional web design and development with latest and emerging web technologies, in particular PHP, Java Script, AjAx and newest DHTML IT languages. IWS is also providing software development, e-commerce solutions, e-learning projects, SEO strategies, online marketing solutions and quality translation services.

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IDP, with branch offices in Italy and in Brussels, was established in 1996 by partners working since 1991 in Brussels in the frame of EU policies and EU funding programmes. It relies on more than 20 year experience in the development, submission and management of successful EU projects. Since 1999, IDP develops and carries out also specialised training courses for VET and Adult learners focused exclusively on EU related issues (EU Institutions, policies, programmes, project management etc), delivering an average of +1000 hrs/year of training to +550 adult attendees/year.

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ESSEI asbl is an association of seasoned practitioners in International Relations, European Affairs and Social Sciences. They research socio-economic trends that influence European integration and facilitate it through information, awareness and capacity building activities. ESSEI has a wide network of practitioners from academia, public, private sectors and associations who share the vision of an integrated Europe. Based in Brussels, ESSEI has the ability to carry out significant visibility and dissemination activities at EU level, organize events and invite relevant EU stakeholders, policy makers, associations, and social groups.

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Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility. As partner of schools from all over Europe it has become the best and most successful Spanish work experience provider agency in the education sector. With a professional and committed team, Tribeka ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard. As part of ETN International, Tribeka shares and contributes towards a clear vision about the powerful magic behind learning and training in an international environment.

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