Launch of the ALL-IN Project Website: Advancing Language Learning for Inclusive Narratives

The launch of the digital platform of the project "ALL-IN: Advancing Language Learning for Inclusive Narratives" marks an important milestone in the promotion of inclusive communication across Europe. This project, co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2, Cooperation Partnerships in Youth, is developed by a consortium of six organizations from five European countries: Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium and France.

The website, available at www.allin-inclusion.eu, is designed to be a dynamic and educational platform that provides innovative resources and tools to foster inclusive communication and language practices. With an intuitive and accessible interface, the website is aimed at both young people and the general public, facilitating access to high quality educational materials and promoting an inclusive learning environment.

ALL-IN website key features:

  • Multilingual: the platform and its resources are available in five languages, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish, thus eliminating language barriers to learning.
  • Accessible: the site has AA accessibility level compliance criteria, such as high contrast option, text resizing, consistent navigation, responsive design, among others.
  • Data protection: the website collects statistics and usage metrics completely anonymously, guaranteeing the protection of user data and complying with European regulations.
  • News: a section dedicated to the latest news and developments of the ALL-IN project, so that users can keep up to date with the latest developments.
  • Community: an interactive space where organizations can register to become associates, gain visibility and support the project's objectives.
  • Updated contents: the contents of the platform are constantly updated, implementing the most recent results of the consortium. Therefore, in the coming months, the assessment results will be included, as well as training contents.

The IT Solutions for All team, the Spanish partner leading the project and in charge of developing the website, expresses its enthusiasm for the launch: "We are very happy to present this website as a fundamental tool for the promotion of inclusive communication. The fact that people have a totally open and free platform where they can find educational and informative resources is a big step in the creation of a more inclusive and respectful society."

ALL-IN aims not only to raise awareness of the importance of inclusive language, but also to provide the necessary resources to implement these practices in various spheres of society. With the launch of the website, it is expected that collaboration between educators, organizations and young people from different European countries will be strengthened, creating a positive and lasting impact on the way we communicate.

For more information, visit the platform at www.allin-inclusion.eu and help promote a world where inclusive communication is the norm, fostering understanding, respect and appreciation for diverse identities and experiences.

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