In order to ensure the appropriateness of the training materials to be developed in ALL-IN project, the first activities to be carried out in the framework of the project will be the drivers and challenges assessment, and the development of an inclusive communication language framework.

These activities are aimed at:

  1. Assessing the drivers and challenges for inclusive communication by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the factors that drive and hinder the adoption of inclusive communication practices.
  2. Identifying specific and relevant training areas. The insights gained from the drivers and challenges assessment are instrumental in determining the precise training needs. By identifying these areas, the basis for the development of the training curriculum is established.
  3. Facilitating the adoption of inclusive language and communication practices by assessing knowledge about factors that may promote or impede the adoption of such practices. This knowledge is invaluable in designing strategies and tools to promote the widespread adoption of inclusive communication.

The results of these activities will be published here in due course. Follow us on social media and stay up to date!


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