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Advancing Language Learning for Inclusive Narratives

ALL-IN’s objectives include creating an inclusive learning environment, raising awareness of the importance of inclusive language and enhancing the impact of ALL-IN initiatives. Ultimately, it aims to foster inclusive communication, benefiting individuals, educators, organisations, and society as a whole.

ALL-IN's mission is to promote inclusive communication and language practices through the development of innovative educational resources and an inclusive learning environment.

ALL-IN's vision is to create a world where communication is inclusive, fostering understanding, respect and appreciation for diverse identities and experiences.

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Our Objectives

Creating a learning environment

To provide an inclusive learning environment by developing a digital Open Educational Resources (OER) platform in an open, free and accesible 24/7 format.

Raising awareness

Generating awareness and building trust between the public and the organisations participating in the project, informing and educating on relevant issues.

Enhancing the impact

Improving the impact of project initiatives and results, encouraging active participation, and promoting the adoption and utilisation of results.

Fostering inclusive communication

By spreading the key message that inclusive communication is not just about words: it is about fostering understanding, respect and acceptance for everyone.


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